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This CLI shell script aims to leverage glob patterns and existing .gitignore files in order to exclude specific folders and files from dropbox sync. The shell script uses this recent https://help.dropbox.com/files-folders/restore-delete/ignored-files approach to ignore folders and files.

Getting started

dropboxignore is a CLI tool which supports a collection of commands in order to make your life easier when it comes to exclude files or/and folders from dropbox sync. Below you will find some common usecases.

A typical workflow

A common workflow could be the following:

and you can run this flow by running the following command:

$ dropboxignore genupi .

Warning: In order to prevent unpleasant data losses, exception patterns are not supported. Both .gitignore and .dropboxignore files with at least one exceptional pattern will be bypassed (for further details: https://github.com/sp1thas/dropboxignore/issues/3 ).

Note: Automatic generation of .dropboxignore files is an optional step, therefore, may not be a necessary action for your case.

Long story short:

Here https://dropboxignore.simakis.me/en/latest/getting-started/#long-story-short you can find some of the most common cases that dropboxignore could be useful.


Here https://dropboxignore.simakis.me/en/latest/cli you will find extensive documentation about the dropboxignore command line interface.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute, read the contribution guideline https://dropboxignore.simakis.me/en/latest/contributing/) for further details.


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