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Exclude files from dropbox using glob patterns and take advantage of existing .gitignore files.

This is a simple shell script that can be used to ignore files from dropbox using glob patterns, .dropboxignore files and the already existing .gitignorefiles. The shell script uses this approach to ignore the matched files.


  • Ignore folders or files based on glob patterns inside the .dropboxignore file.
  • Automatically generate .dropboxignore files based on existing .gitignore files.
  • Ignore specific folders or files via CLI.
  • Revert ignored folders or files
  • Delete .dropboxignore files
  • Update .dropboxignore files when changes are detected in corresponding .gitignore files.
  • List ignored files and folders


In order to use this script you have to select the action and the file or folder that the action will take place.

A common workflow could be the following

  1. Automatically generate .dropboxignore files based on existing .gitignore files (dropboxignore generate path).
  2. Manually update or create .dropboxignore files (Optional)
  3. Ignore matched files based on .dropboxignore files (dropboxignore ignore path)


  1. In order to prevent unpleasant data losses, exception patterns are not supported. Both .gitignore and .dropboxignore files with at least one exceptional pattern will be bypassed (for further details: https://github.com/sp1thas/dropboxignore/issues/3).
  2. Automatically generation of .dropboxignore files is an optional steps based on the use-case might not be a wise decision.


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