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Domotz provides all services providers, MSPs, System Integrators and Enterprises with an affordable network monitoring software that enables them to work smarter, build customer loyalty and solve problems faster than ever.

Manage your customers’ networks with a plug and play setup, a friendly UX, and a comprehensive feature set, accessible from any desktop browser or mobile device.

Monitor unlimited network devices for only $21/month per network with no minimum or long-term commitment and cancel at anytime.

With Domotz you have all the tools you need for remote network management in one single user-friendly dashboard. Our network monitoring software is affordable for a reason: so you can install it on every network rather than having to choose which customers get great network performance.

Deploy new networks faster than ever and without hours of complicated training for your technicians. Networks and devices that work means happier customers. Use Domotz to find issues before your customers do!

Try Domotz for free and take advantage of all our features:

Key benefits of using Domotz

Follow this link to know more about our simple and transparent pricing model:

Installation notes

After the snap installation, please connect the following interfaces:

Once the interfaces are connected, click on the Domotz icon or go to to configure the Domotz Agent. Note: if TCP port 3000 has been already used by a different service, Agent Web Interface might be available on subsequent ports (e.g.,, etc)

Additional notes

In case you want to use the VPN on demand feature, you have to execute also:

In case Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) is configured on your machine, you might consider allowing the usage of the port where the Agent Web Interface is available. For instance running the following command:


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