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Document Node is a lightweight application, where you can arrange your Markdown or Rich Text content in a flexible local folder structure (notes taking), review and modify your document in a Mind Map view, export documents in various formats.

All documents sit in your local folders, so you fully own your data forever. Never bother the cloud services which can shut down, get bought, or change privacy policy any time again.

Markdown or Rich Text? Both Supported

  • Side-by-side preview
  • Quick-inserting images and tables
  • Spell checking for more than 10 languages
  • Taking screenshots from the text editor
  • Excel-like editing on Markdown tables
  • Customizing Markdown themes
  • 11 built-in preview styles
  • Customizing preview styles via CSS
  • Copying rich text directly for publishing elsewhere

Straightforward Mind Map View

Every document has a Mind Map view naturally in Document Node.

  • Restructuring your document via drag-and-drop
  • Concentrate on one document section at a time
  • 15 built-in Mind Map themes
  • Customizing Mind Map themes via JSON

Distraction-free Writing Space

In the editor-only typewriter mode, all UI components except the text editor fade-out, no one can interrupt your writing thoughts.

  • Focus on the current sentence
  • Focus on the current paragraph
  • Typewriter mode

Flexible Exporting Options

  • Export project as PDF files for desktop, tablet, or mobile devices
  • Export documents as HTML files with all resources embedded
  • One-click to generate EPUB from a document or a project
  • One-click to generate DOCX file(s) from a document or a project

Enable All Features With Document Node Classic

Document Node Classic edition enables a variety of advanced features which further boosts your productivity.

  • Unlimited files and projects - users can create unlimited files, and open multiple projects in the same window
  • Focus mode - users can enable the editor-only focus mode
  • Mind map view and editing for all documents
  • Excel-like table editing on Markdown tables
  • Customizing Markdown themes in a quick and easy way
  • Quick images browsing and inserting
  • Auto-complete - autosuggest when typing code block languages
  • Taking screenshots from the text editor
  • Customizing appearances, preview styles and Mind Map themes etc
  • Exporting PDF, HTML files, EPUB and DOCX files


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