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dm-tools is a collection of tools for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, including an interactive combat encounter tracker as well as commands to randomly generate townsfolk NPCs or collections of pocket items. The separate apps can be invoked with the following commands:

The combat encounter tracker ( will auto-generate basic stats for SRD monsters, and allows for tracking HP and conditions using single keystrokes and emoji indicators. (Please note: you must have your terminal window maximized to prevent a known issue that causes the application to fail to start)

The NPC generator (dm-tools.plebs) allows you to quickly generate common "plebeian" characters like townsfolk, complete with stats, occupations, personality traits, personal problems, and interesting pick-pocketable items. Also features several varieties of name generator algorithms.

The "pockets" generator (dm-tools.pockets) will emit a collection of N random items of my own creation (though many are inspired by Trinkets that appear in various 5e books).

More features are slowly being added and planned. See the project blog ( for more info.


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