dl-ubuntu-test-iso is a command line tool to download daily images of Ubuntu and its flavors from It is highly configurable from the command line or its configution file.

NOTE THAT RUNNING THIS SCRIPT WILL DOWNLOAD A LOT OF DATA BY DEFAULT. More specifically, it will download every ISO by default, for a total of several tens of gigabytes of data.

Download latest Ubuntu Desktop amd64 image:

dl-ubuntu-test-iso --flavor=ubuntu --variant=desktop --arch=amd64 --release=groovy --build=pending --isoroot=/storage/iso

Download latest Ubuntu Mate amd64 image:

dl-ubuntu-test-iso --flavor=ubuntu-mate --variant=desktop --arch=amd64 --release=groovy --build=pending --isoroot=/storage/iso

Download everything:

dl-ubuntu-test-iso --isoroot=/storage/iso

Once install the documentation is available at /snap/dl-ubuntu-test-iso/current/usr/share/doc/dl-ubuntu-test-iso/dl-ubuntu-test-iso.README

Happy testing everyone!


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