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This software allow you to find out prefect custom resolution that works best for your eyes and then it can generate xrandr command to apply the new custom screen resolution to the system and see it in action!

I find myself to be comfortable with screen PPI between 100 to 140. It also depends to the distance between display and my eyes. Plus the font size and sharpness of font.

High PPI might be useful for graphic software but it has issue with remote desktop and older software. Also when you have multiple displays with different PPI.

This software allows to find out best PPI that can solve the problem. It also can suggest same DPI at higher scaling level. For example a 14 inch display with resolution of 2560x1440 has a DPI equal to 209.

2560x1440 14 --> PPI=209.80

A quick solution is to set the resolution to 1280x720 because the DPI of 104.9 falls into comfortable level.

Unfortunately the output become blurry because LCD display only can provide sharp display at native resolution. This issue can be solved by creating a custom resolution that is integer scaled by 2.

Here is an example how you can calculate it: 2560x1440 14 --zoom 2 ---> PPI=104.90

Here is a example to how to set lower screen PPI at higher native resolution to enjoy sharp text without blurry affects:

xrandr --output DP-0 --mode 2560x1440 --scale 0.5x0.5 --filter nearest

As you see now we can have a lower DPI resolution at higher native LCD resolution that is integer scaled by 2. This give you best of both worlds. Sharp text with lower PPI.

Note. Currently only latest Xrandr development version from Github support integer scaling by using --filter nearest.

This way you can have both sharp pixel at native resolution while having lower PPI. You also can use it to have a lower resolution at your comfort PPI level. This can help to save power and battery life that is important for portable device. Lower resolution and less PPI need less internet bandwidth too. This can improve remote desktop performance as well.


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