Client-free network speed test for GNU/Linux servers, using GNU libncurses to estimate network throughput between your server and wherever you are connecting from. Works on any client platform that has a terminal that supports curses (e.g. iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc).

NOTE: This package needs to be installed on the server you wish to measure. You can do that from the command line by running sudo snap install cspeedtest. You do not need to install this anywhere else. Just ssh to your server from anywhere (even an iPad), run cspeedtest and you'll get a measurement of network speed from the server to your terminal.

Depending on your terminal and/or connection, you may have to try both color and b/w modes (type c) to get the highest bound on speed. For testing compression (and for the fun of it) there are also some non-random animation patterns you can cycle through by typing r while running.


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