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Console app for deploy qt libs.

Key differences of this program:

  • Performance: this program deploys the application several times faster (up to 10 seconds)
  • Flexibility: this application's got flags that help you to configure the deployment for your or your project's needs
  • Crossdeploy: this application's support windows and linux distrebutives, This means that you can use it not only to deploy a project for your platform, but also to deploy a project on Linux for Windows and vice versa.
  • Fast create installers : Upon completion of the deployment, you will receive a self-contained installer of your distribution.

If you have problems or questions, visit the wiki page (https://github.com/QuasarApp/CQtDeployer/blob/master/md/index.md).

The version for Snap works in an isolated container, because of this the utility does not have access to system files and libraries (/lib/, /usr/lib/).

To allow access to system libraries, enable all permissions for cqtdeployer. This can be done in the snap-store Or starting with ubuntu 20.04 in the ubuntu application settings manager.

If you do not have the GUI then you can enable all permissions using next commands:

sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:process-control 
sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:removable-media
sudo snap connect cqtdeployer:system-backup


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