Acclaimed software engineer and costume designer Zephyr Emerson wakes up from a long and unexpected nap, realizing she's still got her flash drive costume on. Realizing part of the zipper is broken, she needs to get to her home office in the other room to fix it. But she keeps waking up over and over again, with her surroundings changing. Can you solve the puzzles and make it to the home office in time?

The Costumemaster: Reloaded is a modern reimagining of the original game released on the Mac App Store, redesigned from the ground up. For the first time, you can play across macOS, Linux, and Windows with new visuals and lighting effects, expanded sounds and music, and major improvements to the experience.

  • Play nine levels inspired by the original levels in The Costumemaster with more reliable mechanics, along with new ones to challenge you further.
  • Work with a keyboard and mouse or plug in an Xbox or Playstation controller for a new seamless experience.
  • Switch costumes in a pinch or restart the level easily with a brand new heads-up display that displays information when you need it and hides what you don't.


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