A practical piece of software that makes it easy for you to compress the file size of any video. Convert any video to .mp4 h264 format.

Compress is the easiest way to get your files shrunk, and that is due to how the UI helps you get the job done. There are no menus, options, toolbars, output fields, or any other elements that would normally comprise an interface. You'll only find two buttons and a small message that instructs you on how to compress your file. A simple drag and drop is enough to start the compression process.

Regarding the two buttons, they influence the end result. The default one is Faster Encode, which facilitate a quicker compression and reduce the most size. The other option, Better Quality, allows you to compress a video without sacrificing the quality. After an item is compressed, the output location is going to be the same as the original file.

Compress is just that type of app that you'll probably stick with for many years, as its simple interface and efficient process will win you over


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