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ColorPicker is a powerful screen color picker based on Qt's QColorDialog Class.

A color picker and color editor for web designers and digital artists, With Color Picker, identifying the colors, saving and editing is a quick and simple job.

Color Picker features include:

  • Simple and Advance Mode

  • Five formats of color codes: HTML, Hex-RGBA, RGB, HSB/HSV, CMYK, and their variations. Conversion of HTML, HEX, and RGB color codes into the corresponding colors.

  • Colour picker for easy handling and greater precision.

  • Colour list for saving and reusing the picked color samples for each picked color.

  • Support Switching three themes - System theme, Flat Light theme, and Dark theme.

  • Application shortcuts for quick action.

  • Powerful Text previewer, Allows you to see how color foreground and background color variations will look like.

  • Color shade generator shows you different shades of the selected color.

Keywords: палитра цветов


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