CodeChecker is an analyzer tooling, defect database and viewer extension.

Command line C/C++ Analysis

  • Executes Clang-Tidy and Clang Static Analyzer with Cross-Translation Unit analysis, Statistical Analysis (when checkers are available).
  • Creates the JSON compilation database by wiretapping any build process (e.g. CodeChecker log -b "make").
  • Automatically analyzes GCC cross-compiled projects: detecting GCC or Clang compiler configuration and forming the corresponding clang analyzer invocations.
  • Incremental analysis: only the changed files and its dependencies need to be reanalyzed.
  • False positive suppression with a possibility to add review comments.
  • Result visualization in command line or in static HTML

Web based report storage

  • You can store & visualize thousands of analysis reports of many analyzers like Clang Static Analyzer (C/C++), Clang Tidy (C/C++), Facebook Infer (C/C++, Java), Clang Sanitizers (C/C++), Spotbugs (Java), Pylint (Python), Eslint (Javascript) ...
  • Web application for viewing discovered code defects with a streamlined, easy experience (with PostgreSQL, or SQLite backend).
  • Gerrit and GitLab integration Shows analysis results as Gitlab or Gerrit reviews.
  • Filterable (defect checker name, severity, source paths, ...) and comparable (calculates difference between two analyses of the project, showing which bugs have been fixed and which are newly introduced) result viewing.
  • Diff mode: Shows the list of bugs that have been introduced since your last analyzer execution.
  • Results can be shared with fellow developers, the comments and review system helps communication of code defects.
  • Easily implementable Thrift-based server-client communication used for storing and querying of discovered defects.
  • Support for multiple bug visualisation frontends, such as the web application, a command-line tool and an Eclipse plugin.


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