A comprehensive solution for convenient and efficient work with notes, snippets, clipboard, files and any other information important for quick access on any device.

SYNC WITH ANDROID, MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX AND BROWSER Try Clipto on the web and download the desktop apps from our site Clipto keeps everything in sync.

WORK OFFLINE Each action works completely offline. If you want your notes to be synced across all your devices, just sign in with the same account. If not, just do not sign in and use manual import/export capabilities. It is fully up to you.

TAKE NOTES FROM CLIPBOARD Clipto can be used as a clipboard manager even on Android 10!

ACTIVATE UNIVERSAL CLIPBOARD With Universal Clipboard, you can copy notes on one device, then paste the content on another.

ADD FILES In Clipto you can store any files (not only images or photos)

PERSONALIZE Once installed Clipto allows you to customize any smallest behavior according to your needs: • Theme (White, Sepia, Green, Dark, Dark Blue, Dark Blurple, AMOLED Black) • List style (Grid, Comfortable List, Condensed List, Preview List) • Sort By fields (create date, usage date, usage count, title, text, tags, size, characters) • Text Size (for both list and note screen) • Text Font (for both list and note screen) • Swipe actions in the main list

SHARE Create a public link on a note and make it accessible on the Web without registration. Public links can have any combination of the following attributes: • User defined password • One-time access • Delayed access • Expire time

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