Chiaki is a Free and Open Source Client for PlayStation 4 Remote Play. It can be used to play in real time on a PlayStation 4 as long as there is a network connection.

Usage: If your PS4 is on your local network, is turned on or in standby mode and does not have Discovery explicitly disabled, Chiaki should find it. Otherwise, you can add it manually. To do so, click the "+" icon in the top right, and enter your PS4's IP address.

You will then need to register your PS4 with Chiaki. You will need two more pieces of information to do this.

Obtaining your PSN AccountID: Starting with PS4 7.0, it is necessary to use a so-called "AccountID" as opposed to the "Online-ID" for registration (streaming itself did not change). This ID seems to be a unique identifier for a PSN Account and it can be obtained from the PSN after logging in using OAuth. A Python 3 script which does this is provided as part of this snap. Simply run it in a terminal with chiaki.psn-account-id and follow the instructions. Once you know your ID, write it down. You will likely never have to do this process again.

Obtaining a Registration PIN: To register a PS4 with a PIN, it must be put into registration mode. To do this, on your PS4, simply go to: Settings -> Remote Play (ensure this is ticked) -> Add Device

You can now double-click your PS4 in Chiaki's main window to start Remote Play.


Disclaimer: This snap is not necessarily endorsed or officially maintained by the upstream developers.

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