Caprice32 AMSTRAD CPC 464/664/6128 emulator.

Configuration : F1 key or cap32.cfg file to configure. To launch Caprice32 emulator : from terminal as user type caprice32.launcher from application menu choose Games CPC commands : cat to list disc content. run "FILE : to start program named FILE.BAS.

Usefull shortcuts: F1 - Show GUI (and pause the emulator) F2 - Toggle fullscreen / windowed mode F3 - Take screenshot F4 - Press tape reader play key F5 - Reset the emulator F6 - Multiface II stop (advanced users only) F7 - Toggle joystick emulation F8 - Toggle FPS display F9 - Toggle speed limitation F10 - Exit the emulator F12 - Toggle debug mode Shift+F1 - Show virtual keyboard Shift+F3 - Take a machine snapshot

Default configuration : CPC6128 rom/azerty keybord/digital joystick. French configuration : from Options/Input (F1) apply the following settings into CPC language tab : French CPC and PC heyboard layout :

CPC programs and games directory storage (disk,tape,cart,snap) : $HOME/snap/caprice32 Caprice32 source code is available at

Exemples how to launch Caprice32 : snap run caprice32.launcher snap run caprice32.launcher "pathGameA.dsk" snap run caprice32.launcher "pathGameA.dsk" "pathGameA.dsk" Notice : use double quote if pathfile contains spaces.

To use joystick into strict confinement mode run command : snap connect caprice32:joystick

To calibrate joystick/pad run command : sudo jstest-gtk

To display your snaps in desktop launcher run command : sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications /usr/share/applications/snapd


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