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CannonBall is a program which allows you to play an enhanced version of Yu Suzuki's seminal arcade racer, OutRun. Cannonball is not an emulator; it is a complete rewrite of the original game into portable C++.


The snap includes the game engine only; when the game runs for the first time it will download the appropriate ROM files.

sudo snap install cannonball
sudo snap connect cannonball:joystick


  • 60 fps gameplay (smoother than the original game)
  • True widescreen mode (extend the play area by 25%)
  • High-Resolution mode (improves sprite scaling)
  • New Camera Views
  • Time Trial Mode (Beat your time on a chosen level)
  • Continuous Mode (Play all 15 stages sequentially)
  • Western, Japanese & Prototype Track Support
  • Support for Custom Tracks from LayOut
  • Customisable Music
  • Toggle Fixed Audio ROM
  • High Score Saving
  • Analog and Digital Controllers Supported
  • Automatic gear change
  • Cheats (No Traffic, Infinite Time)
  • Optional Attract Mode AI Improvements
  • More level objects
  • Fixes for bugs present in the original game


Connect joypads, steering wheels and pedals before starting Cannonball. The default keys are as follows. You can redefine the keys in the menu.

  • Cursors: Steering
  • Z: Accelerate
  • X: Brake
  • Space: Gear Change
  • 5: Insert Coin
  • 1: Start
  • Shift: Change Camera View
  • F1: Pause
  • F2: Advance a frame when paused (useful for observing visual problems)
  • F3: Toggle/Freeze timers. (i.e. infinite time)
  • F5: Menu

An unofficial snap built with ❤︎ by Martin Wimpress using configuration at from the upstream project


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