Unofficial snap for the cameractrls advanced Linux camera configuration command line and GUI tools.

To permit access to your webcam, the camera interface needs to be first connected:

snap connect cameractrls:camera

To permit access to out-of-spec camera options, such as HDR mode on the Kiyo Pro, connect the raw-usb interface:

snap connect cameractrls:raw-usb

From the desktop, launching cameractrls will launch the GTK GUI version.

The cameractrls.cameractrlsgtk command is the GTK GUI while cameractrls is the command line client:

$ cameractrls usage: cameractrls [--help] [-d DEVICE] [--list] [-c CONTROLS]

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -d DEVICE use DEVICE, default /dev/video0 -l, --list list the controls and values -L, --list-devices list capture devices -c CONTROLS set CONTROLS (eg.: hdr=on,fov=wide)

example: cameractrls -c brightness=128,kiyo_pro_hdr=on,kiyo_pro_fov=wide

cameractrls can set the V4L2 controls and it is extendable with the non standard controls. Currently it has a Logitech extension (Led mode, led frequency, BRIO FoV), Kiyo Pro extension (HDR, HDR mode, FoV, AF mode, Save), Systemd extension (Save and restore controls with Systemd path+service).

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