BYTZ is an open-source decentralized peer-to-peer currency featuring a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm designed to empower content creators through transparent media analytics and blockchain tokenization.

  • The BYTZ network features three layers.

    • The first is the core code that makes BYTZ a decentralized currency. It is composed of all users and powered by the permissionless staking network.
    • The second is the Guardian Validator Node network which consists of enterprise companies partnering with BYTZ to operate validator nodes to help secure, guide, and grow the network.
    • The third is the Token layer, designed for creators and users alike to help deliver a powerful and new way of sharing and collecting content.
  • BYTZ will allow creators to tokenize their media, regulate access to it, and track every view. User engagement data is the basis for effective advertising.

    • Transparent Media Analytics means that advertisers can track their ad spend and returns with precision and allocate their advertising budget to the greatest advantage.
    • It also means that creators who attract attention can get paid proportionally for the value they contribute.
    • TMAP transforms the model from content ownership and consumption to one of true incentivized partnership in which content creation, distribution, and engagement all earn proportionate rewards.
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