A tool to scan, configure, reboot and upgrading most of all Antminers and WhatsMiners (矿机扫描、配置、重启和升级工具,适用于几乎所有蚂蚁矿机和神马矿机).

Click "Install" in the upper right corner to install (点击右上角的“Install”进行安装).

You can click the BTCTools icon in the launcher to launch it (点击启动器中的BTCTools图标启动本工具).

Or you can run this command (也可以通过以下命令启动):


Fix running issue in Ubuntu 16.04 (修复在Ubuntu 16.04中无法启动的问题):

sudo snap install core

Fix "Network is Not Available" Warning. This warning does not affect the scan, but it cannot automatically import the local network address. (修复“网络不可用”提示,该提示不影响扫描,只是不能自动导入网段信息):

sudo snap connect btctools:network-observe

Upgrade your BTCTools (升级BTCTools到新版本):

snap refresh btctools

If you are slow to download apps from the snap store, you may consider setting up a proxy (如果你从snap商店下载应用速度很慢,可以考虑设置代理):

sudo snap set system proxy.http=socks5://

sudo snap set system proxy.https=socks5://

Snap supports HTTP, HTTPS and socks proxy (snap支持HTTP、HTTPS和socks代理).


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