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A 3D FPS-RPG-Pathplanning game. 3DFPS-RPG路径规划游戏 A 3D game with dialog support, items drop system and basic shooting systems is created. We call it BOFC: A prelude. Its open version can be downloaded at: 以及使用Python编写了一个3D游戏,具有完整的NPC对话功能和基础的射击武器和物品掉落系统。游戏名称称为《修仙学士:前传》,开放版本 在以下位置:

Free version can't use weapons. But you won't really need weapons to beat this game. 公开版不能使用武器,但是这个游戏中武器不是必须的。

A simple video: 动态演示:

Full version at 完整版:

The primary language is Chinese, and with partial English support.

Tested on Windows, Ubuntu and OpenSuse, OpenSuse have glsl errors on GTX1050 card with Nvidia drive. I don't know how to fix it.


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