Bible multi languages, free, offline, no advertising, in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German (partially) for Terminal.

Easy to use with quick searches, parables, articles, cross references, favorites, history.

As there is not a lot of Bible applications in Terminal, my app can be useful.

Bibles included: King James Version, Segond, Ostervald, Diodati, Reina Valera, Almeida, Schlachter.

Works with Python and Ncurses.

The app is very low in memory and CPU usage.

Please share the info with your friends. Time is short. Tribulations are at the door.

** All The Glory To God.

Note since 2.3.0: When you click ENTER on a selected URL, the URL is copied in the clipboard. You can paste it in your browser.

To install the app on ARM (all functions work), the best solution remains to use the PyPI package, not Snap, not Flatpak. It would be too heavy for the processor, memory, space, build and speed:

For the story: the app was created after Bible Multi The Light (Android) and before Bible Multi The Life (Android, iPhone, iPad, Big Sur, Mac, Linux). You can find them on their stores and F-Droid.


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