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Banana Accounting Plus is a multilingual professional accounting software, similar to Excel and highly flexible. Easily enter the accounting transactions and quickly obtain the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and other financial reports for small companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Banana Plus is not an ERP and offers functionalities that are not present in the classic accounting software, allowing everybody, even those who have no accounting knowledge, to surely reach the desired report. The transactions and accounts can always be modified, corrected or deleted at any time.


With Banana Plus you decide where to save your data. Unlike other solutions that save the data on the cloud, you can keep the accounting file on your computer, in your network, or in your favorite cloud solution (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.).


  1. Choose the accounting type and the ready-to-use template
  2. Customize the chart of accounts
  3. Insert the transactions
    ...and the accounting is done! Also get the reports you need!

See for yourself how easy it is to get started:

You can get started for free, with no need to register your email or provide personal information, set up the accounting and enter up to 70 transactions. Later, to go beyond the limits you need to upgrade to a subscription.


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