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Axolotl is a crossplattform signal client

for the Ubuntu Phone and more

This is a Signal compatible client for Ubuntu Phone, Snap(Linux), Windows... written in Go. It builds upon the Go textsecure package and a vuejs app that runs in a electron/qml WebEngineView container.

What works

  • Phone registration
  • Contact discovery
  • Direct and group messages
  • Photo, video, audio and contact attachments in both direct and group mode
  • Preview for photo and audio attachments
  • Storing conversations
  • Encrypted message store
  • Desktop client provisioning/syncing

What is missing

  • Sending attachments is broken in snap due to apparmor restrictions
  • Push notifications
  • Most settings that are available in the Android app
  • Encrypted phone calls

There are still bugs and UI/UX quirks.


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