AssistiveCam is a camera viewer for people with visual impairments, with an extreme focus on utility and speed in everyday life situations, like at school and in the office.

The days of cumbersome control units and clunky, unportable systems are over! Just use your own hardware and the software you are most comfortable with. Getting started with AssistiveCam may not be very straight-forward for the majority of users, but using it will become very intuitive over time.

AssistiveCam is operated entirely by commands, of which combinations may also be mapped to keyboard shortcuts. This system allows for quick and precise control over all relevant parameters and takes away the overhead from your camera control, allowing you to focus on your actual work a lot better.

Features of the software include color filters, a touch-screen-friendly GUI (if needed), an alignment utility and, of course, zoom.

To find a complete list of all supported commands, check out the project's GitHub-Readme:

Manually granting permissions to use the camera is necessary at the moment.


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