(Optional) Use the -p or --progress switch to view progress.

Check links for a local file

asciidoc-link-check README.adoc --progress

Check links for an online file


Check links from standard input

cat <filename>.adoc | asciidoc-link-check -p

Check links in all asciidoc files in a directory

Check recursively in the current directory:

find . -name \*.adoc -exec asciidoc-link-check -p {} \;

Check recursively in the other directories:

find <directory> -name \*.adoc -exec asciidoc-link-check -p {} \;

Ignore specific links

  1. Create a JSON config file containing ignore patterns:

        "ignorePatterns": [
            { "pattern": "^https://192.17" },
            { "pattern": "^" }
  2. Use the config file option:

    asciidoc-link-check README.adoc -c <configfile.json>


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