A overly simple videoplayer(no audio) and image viewer for show things in terminal using ascii extended character

Can be used to see any resolution image. Due to low resolution and less color capacity of terminal, it maybe effective for high contrast image with simple structure (e.g. bar chart, simple curve).

Only 8 background color are used to depict whole hue range. Saturation is depicted by some extended ascii character '█', L'▓', L'▒', L'░', L' '. Value is depicted by black or white foreground color (0-255 range is reduced to binary category :/)

To exit press 'q' To pause press 'p' To forward (video stream) 2s press 'w' To backward (video stream) 2s press 's'

Currently no seeking capacity in video and aspect ratio is not respected. Seeking will be added in future but aspect ratio will not be added probably (due to already minuscule resolution and low color depth).

Tested with .mp4 video format, .jpg, .png, .tif image format. OpenCV is used to read image/video. So, if OpenCV is okay with the format it should work.

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