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Antares is an SQL client that aims to become an useful and complete tool, especially for developers.

The main goal is to develop a totally free, full featured, cross platform and open source alternative.
A modern application created with minimalism and semplicity in mind, with features in the right places, not hundreds of tiny buttons, nested tabs or submenu; productivity comes first.

At the moment this application is in development state, many features will come in future updates.
Many of its current features are enough to have a pleasant user experience with MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL, so give it a chance and send me your feedback, I would really appreciate it.
We are actively working on it, hoping to provide new cool features, improvements and fixes as soon as possible.


  • Multiple database connections at same time.
  • Database management (add/edit/delete).
  • Full tables management, including indexes and foreign keys.
  • Views, triggers, stored routines, functions and schedulers management (add/edit/delete).
  • A modern and friendly tab system; keep open every kind of tab you need in your workspace.
  • Fake table data filler to generate tons of data for test purpose.
  • Query suggestions and auto complete.
  • SSH tunnel support.
  • Dark and light theme.
  • Editor themes.
  • Scratchpad.
  • Secure password storage.


  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

Other databases support will come in future releases.


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