• add, edit, move, copy, paste and remove frames, change their timing; modify them in your own favorite external image editor and then save changes back to the animated cursor in some clicks.

  • Reverse order of frames in one click.

  • Perform operations and transformations on frames: horizontal and vertical flips, left and right rotations, custom rotations, image merging.

  • add mouse pointers to existing images in some clicks thanks to the image merging feature.

  • AniTuner handles all color reductions and resize operations itself, while taking care of transparency or alpha channels.

  • AniTuner can correctly draw 32-bit animated cursors even if your Windows version doesn't support it.

  • AniTuner shows live animated cursors while editing: any change is immediately visible.

  • Test animated cursors by replacing the default mouse pointer during a short delay with your edited cursor.

  • Edit the title and author of the animated cursor (art information).

  • Modify the hotspot of the animated cursor.

  • Drag and drop support for animated cursors and frames.

  • AniTuner always optimizes animated cursors when saving them (identical frames will be saved only once).

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