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Share and split your screen to many devices simultaneously. App allows you to broadcast and to watch any content from desktop. Stay secure with alfacast while watching live streaming, the app supports end-to-end encryption technology. Automatic discovery of network nodes will allow you to enjoy using the app. Forget about logins, installation and the long process of setup video broadcast servers, for alfacast it is simply not necessary. Stream your content from a video camera apps, photo albums apps, stream video from player apps, show presentations, slides, photos or pictures anywhere and anytime!

To stream video from apps, you need to open a third-party app. The alfacast will capture your screen with all the displayed content. You need to display content from a third-party app on the streamer device screen.

For example, if you want to stream video from a camera, follow these steps on the streamer device:

  • Run alfacast app and follow the instructions to use the app as a streamer
  • Open the camera app and display it on the device screen. The alfacast app does not use your camera or access it

After that please follow these steps on your viewer device:

  • Run alfacast app and follow the instructions to use the app as a viewer
  • Select your streamer with a camera from the list of users in the alfacast app and watch the screen cast from the camera

alfacast features

  • Remote desktop audio / video streamer solution
  • Remote desktop audio / video viewer or playback solution
  • Serverless multichannel peer-to-many streaming technology
  • Serverless single channel peer-to-peer streaming technology
  • Full free
  • Video streamer & viewer up to SD quality
  • Universal client-server iptv-like app
  • Automatic discovery of users on the local network
  • Secure connection with end-to-end AES-128 encryption technology
  • Supported platforms: Android / Android TV / Fire OS / iOS / macOS / tvOS / Linux / Windows
  • Supported device types: Mobile / Tablet / iPhone / iPad / Desktop / Laptop / Xbox / Set Top Box / Raspberry Pi
  • Supported device brands: Apple / Amazon / ASUS / Google / Huawei / LG / Meizu / Microsoft / Motorola / Nokia / Nvidia / Philips / Samsung / Xiaomi / Sony / Others

For arm cpu based boards / raspberry pi users

alfacast app uses hardware accelerated codec and you have to enable it manually. Please copy and run this command in terminal:

sudo snap connect alfacast:camera :camera

After that you can run and use alfacast app.


  • To switch streamer into multichannel mode please click on Multichannel Streamer [Sidebar menu]
  • To select audio & video streaming devices please follow: Settings [Sidebar menu] -> Streamer
  • To get more info about app please follow: App Instruction [Sidebar menu]


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