This snap contains multiple packages that are recommended for using the adapta theme in snaps. This includes roboto and noto sans fonts. These are the same fonts that are recommended when installing adapta-gtk-theme.

In addition, this snap contains the papirus icon pack as this package contains useful adapta specific icons.

This snap provides both Adapta and Adapta-Nokto themes. In order to connect this snap with others like Thunderbird simply execute the following commands:

sudo snap connect [other snap]:gtk-3-themes adapta-gtk-snap:gtk-3-themes sudo snap connect [other snap]:icon-themes adapta-gtk-snap:icon-themes

To select a theme, you need to presently add an environment variable. Simply add the following two lines to your bashrc to select a correct theme.

GTK_THEME=Adapta-Nokto export GTK_THEME

I have also included the GTK-2 interface if an app chooses to use it.

Attribution This snap is packaged from Tista500's adapta-gtk-theme. It is licenced under a GPL2.0 licence and can be found here. This theme makes use of icons created by Sam Hewitt which are licensed under CC-SA-4.0.

Similarly, papirus icon themes are provided by the Papirus team. It is under a GPL3.0 licence.


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