Snaps published by snawoot

  • opera-proxy

    Standalone Opera VPN proxies client.

  • go-myip

    Reliably and quickly get your external IP address from public STUN servers

  • dumbproxy

    Dumbiest HTTP proxy ever

  • udp-over-tls-pool

    Wrapper which transports UDP packets over multiple TLS sessions.

  • chunk-nordic

    Yet another TCP-over-HTTP(S) tunnel.

  • udpierce

    Wrapper which transports UDP packets over multiple TLS sessions

  • steady-tun

    Secure TLS tunnel with pool of prepared upstream connections

  • httptrap

    Web-server which slows down malicious clients

  • bloom

    An in-memory bloom filter with persistence and HTTP interface

  • quickcerts

    Quick and easy X.509 certificate generator for SSL/TLS utilizing local PKI.

  • ptw

    Pooling TLS Wrapper.

  • rsp

    Rapid SSH Proxy.

  • postfix-mta-sts-resolver

    Policy-server for Postfix which handles MTA-STS resolving

  • hola-proxy

    Standalone Hola proxy client.

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