Snaps published by cmars

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    Grow your own private networks

  • hockeypuck

    OpenPGP Public Keyserver

  • ua-backload-kpis

    Backload KPI data from UA contracts service

  • sisyphus

    Multi-agent simulation tool

  • metamorphosis

    A daemon that exports metrics from kafka to influx.

  • aws-ubuntu-advantage

    Set up an AWS Account for Ubuntu Advantage

  • juju-experts

    Tools for Juju experts.

  • cakeshop

    An integrated development environment and SDK for Ethereum-like ledgers

  • constellation

    Peer-to-peer encrypted message exchange

  • ormesh

    Onion-routed mesh

  • juju-apply-sla

    juju apply-sla

  • zfec

    an efficient, portable erasure coding tool

  • charm-partner

    charm and charm-tools for partners

  • wfc-cmars

    This program generates bitmaps that are locally similar to the input bitmap.

  • pt-cmars

    The Platinum Searcher

  • j2

    Command-line interface to Jinja2 for templating in shell scripts.

  • j2-cmars

    Single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap

  • cmars-monero

    Monero: the secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency

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