Snaps by Stefan Berggren

Snaps by Stefan Berggren:

  • MinIO MC (nsg)

    MinIO MC is a Object Storage client that implements the AWS S3 API.

  • Icon of Parcel


    A e-mail server wrapped in a snap, designed to be easy to setup and maintain.

  • Sealed Secrets - kubeseal (nsg)

    Kubeseal is the client for Sealed Secrets for Kubernetes

  • Icon of SpringLobby (nsg)

    SpringLobby (nsg)

    SpringLobby - The lobby for SpringRTS

  • graphpath

    Graphpath generates an ASCII network diagram from the route table

  • jsonhttp2tcp

    A tool that receives JSON via HTTP and relays it over plain TCP

  • k9s (nsg)

    K9s provides a terminal UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters.

  • Icon of konstructs-client


    A voxel based game client

  • origin-routing-machine

    ORM is a reverse proxy configuration generator.

  • Icon of passprox


    HAProxy with a bundled Certbot (Let's Encrypt support)

  • tesscam

    Process TeslaCam videos to nicer format

  • Icon of tunnel


    This snap connects computers in a private VPN

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