Snaps by James Carroll

Snaps by James Carroll:

  • Icon of Joplin Desktop

    Joplin Desktop

    A free, private note taking and to-do app!

  • Icon of Merkaartor


    An OpenStreetMap editor

  • Icon of Pinta


    Pinta: Painting Made Simple

  • Icon of ROOT Framework

    ROOT Framework

    An open-source data analysis framework used by high energy physics and others.

  • Icon of RuneScape


    RuneScape, the free online MMORPG by Jagex Ltd.

  • Icon of The Powder Toy

    The Powder Toy

    An open-source 2D physics sandbox!

  • Icon of Weka


    The workbench for machine learning

  • qhttp

    A tiny HTTP server for simple needs

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