privacy policy

What data we collect

We collect data from the public Snap Store API. Any publically accessible data available from the Snap Store is stored for analytical and reference purposes. This data is made available for further public access.

We utilise Google Analytics code for tracking usage of the website. You may find out what data Google collects from the Analytics product via Google's Privacy Policy. We have stipulated that Google must retain this data in anonymous form and must delete it after 2 months from collection.

If you share pages from this site onto Facebook or interact with the page on Facebook then we receive analytical data about what you shared or interactions with the page. More information can be found in Facebook's Privacy Policy. We do not include active Facebook tracking code on the website.

What we do with the data

We use this data purely for analytical purposes. We may share limited analytical data publicly, such as the number of visits to a particular page. These communications might include promotional articles or messages that are intended to boost awareness of Snapstats. Any such messaging will only ever include truly anonymous, aggregated, statistics.

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