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There are 5512 Snaps currently in the Store, of which 623 appear to be test or hello-world Snaps. Test and hello-world Snaps are identified by a name that begins with hello- or test-, or a name that ends with -test. All other statistics on this site exclude those test or hello-world Snaps.

Verified developers, a total of 71 developers, have published 357 Snaps.

The six most-recently added Snaps

  • quantam-amz-cli

    An interactive web server.

  • Icon of kubekutr


    Cookie cutter templating tool for scaffolding K8s manifests

  • Icon of rossa


    Attempt to create a SimpleHTTPServer in Rust. Also inspired by gossa.

  • juju-bmc

    juju plugin that adds a command to access a server out band management

  • Icon of fortune


    Display a random fortune

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There are 2619 developers who have published at least one snap.

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Developers with published Snaps have each published an average (mean) of 1.867 Snaps. The most common number of Snaps published per developer (mode) is 1.

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